The Piles & Proctology Clinic was started in 1991 with the aim to provide simple, out-patient surgical treatment for common ano-rectal diseases like Piles or Hemorrhoids and Fissure-in-ano.

Our Treatments

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There has been a long search for the best method of treatment for hemorrhoids/piles. In an operating room, pain is an uninvited guest Read more...


Piles / Hemorrhoids are displaced anal cushions. The cushions are normal structures that have a rich arterial supply leading directly into distensible venous spaces. They help seal the upper anal canal and contribute to continence.

Symptoms & Diagnosis
Bleeding and prolapse,bright red blood dripping into and splashed around the pan after bowel action suggests hemorrhoids. Swelling of the cushion in the anal canal which disrupts a smooth flow of the bowel action. 
Bleeding is more of a problem in younger patients as the sphincter tone is higher, and it may occasionally cause aneamia.

1st degree-Bleeding only
2nd degree-Prolapse,reduces spontaneously
3rd degree-Prolapse,needs pushing back
4th degree-Prolapse,permanent


  • Not known
  • Mechanical problems - abnormal ano-rectal angle
  • Constipation
  • Straining while passing stools
  • Chronic diarrhoeal conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Increased intra-abdominal pressure