The Piles & Proctology Clinic was started in 1991 with the aim to provide simple, out-patient surgical treatment for common ano-rectal diseases like Piles or Hemorrhoids and Fissure-in-ano.

Our Treatments

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There has been a long search for the best method of treatment for hemorrhoids/piles. In an operating room, pain is an uninvited guest Read more...


Software Engineer - 28 yrs old, male
I was suffering from nagging pain and bleeding for more than 5 years. I was diagnosed as having piles and fissure. I was worried about the painful surgery and the hospital stay. I was recommended by my colleague, an old patient who had undergone the treatment earlier and was happy now. I got the treatment done and the very next day I was in my office. Within 1 week all the symptoms disappeared. I thank the doctor and my colleague, and recommend patients to get treated in the earlier stages.

Engineering Student - 19 yrs old, male
I could not concentrate on my studies because of the pain. As I was worried of passing stools, I started avoiding eating. It was a nightmare. I had become weak. After the treatment Iam much better. I can study well, do my excercises and have no problem in eating anything.

Housewife - 34 yrs old, female
I got fissure problem after my first child, 9 years back. It got aggravated after the second child 5 years back. I was worried about surgery. I was very much convinced with the doctors and got the treatment done. I could do the housework on the very same day. Iam very thankful and wish many patients like me can make use of this new procedure.

Family Physician - 45 yrs old, male
I could postpone the surgical treatment by taking medications for a long time. Finally I could not bear it anymore. I was having 3rd degree Hemorrhoids. After the treatment, I could get back to my practice on the same day.