The Piles & Proctology Clinic was started in 1991 with the aim to provide simple, out-patient surgical treatment for common ano-rectal diseases like Piles or Hemorrhoids and Fissure-in-ano.

Our Treatments

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There has been a long search for the best method of treatment for hemorrhoids/piles. In an operating room, pain is an uninvited guest Read more...


About the disease
A fissure contains a crack in the skin lined part of the anal canal,which often shows a considerable reluctance to heal. It is mostly encountered in young and middle age,sometimes in early childhood or infancy. It is a common disease of the anus common in both sexes,which causes an amount of suffering out of proportion to the size of the lesion.

Symptoms & Diagnosis
Excruciating Pain - in the anus during and after defecation described as a sharp cutting or tearing sensation during actual passing of motion and continuing as a less severe burning or discomfort for hours after defecation. 
Bleeding - invariable symptoms of fissure is very common, usually bleeding is quite slight and amounts to a little more than streaking of motion occasionally the loss is quite profuse and may cause anemia. 
Swelling - some patients become aware of a large sentinal tag and complain of a painful external pile. 
Discharge and Puritus - much discharge leads to soiling of underclothes, and to increased moisture of the perinal skin, with resulting pruritus ani - Urinary symptom-disturbances of micturition, either dysuria and retention or increased frequency.


  • Constipation
  • Tight anal sphincter muscle
  • Chronic diarrhoeal conditions
  • Secondary to other intestinal diseases

The doctor will exanine the patients rectum and anus with a gloved finger. A well lubricated instrument called the protoscope is used to examine the patient

Tight anal sphincter is cut on the side of the anal canal through a pin-hole called Closed Sphincterotomy, done under local anesthesia. Relief is felt almost immediately.