The Piles & Proctology Clinic was started in 1991 with the aim to provide simple, out-patient surgical treatment for common ano-rectal diseases like Piles or Hemorrhoids and Fissure-in-ano.

Our Treatments

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There has been a long search for the best method of treatment for hemorrhoids/piles. In an operating room, pain is an uninvited guest Read more...


About the disease
Fistula indicates chronic process of Peri-anal abscess which is an acute Inflamatory event. It is defined as an abnormal communication between any two Epithelium lined surfaces
Fistula-In-Ano is an abnormal tract or cavity communicating with the rectum or anal canal by an identifiable internal opening

Symptoms & Diagnosis
Patients with a fistula -in-ano will recount a history of an abscess that has been drained surgically or drained spontaneously. In addition patients will complain of drainage, bleeding ,pain with defecation or decrease in pain with drainage.

It is a chronic process of an abscess. Anal gland infections and infected fissure-in-ano, are the common causes. It may be secondary to other intestinal diseases.

Investigation are done to find out the track and the internal opening of the fistula, ultra sound examination using rectal probe, fistulogram, and most reliable being probing with a metal probe.

The principle behind the fistula surgery are to eliminate the fistula, prevent recurrence and preserve sphincter function. The treatment being, Fistulotomy, an out-patient procedure done under local anesthesia where the fistula tract is layed open and the fistulous track is frozen to ensure complete distruction.